Saturday, December 08, 2012

"Telecoms is fundamentally the business of multiplexing for profit"

--- Martin Geddes, in his newsletter 11/22/2012, "Future of Comms - Our crisis of certainty‏"

Quote in context:
What networks do is to translocate information to enable computation to happen. An ideal network does what Turing described: instant and perfect translocation.
Real networks are never ideal.
What real networks do is to lose and delay data, and the only freedom of action they have is to allocate this impairment in more or less damaging ways. Thus whilst we have had a theory of computability for over half a century, we have (thus far) lacked a theory of translocatability.
. . .
Telecoms is fundamentally the business of statistical multiplexing for profit. The infrastructure could be built locally and rented. The services can be provided by “over the top” players. Telcos sit in the multiplexing middle, and mediate between variable instantaneous supply and demand.